Meet the people of Pembroke Port - Lesley Varley, Search Team Operative

06 February 2023

The people of Pembroke Port are integral to delivering a positive impact on the local economy and community. With such a variety of people involved in operations and business activity, from the Port team, to supply chain businesses located in the former Royal Dockyard area, and beyond, we love to shine the spotlight on individuals from across the business community here.

This month, we're featuring Lesley Varley, a Search Team Operative at Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal.

Name: Lesley Varley
Job role: Search Team Operative
How long have you worked here?: 14 years

Can you tell us about your role and the team you work with?

The team at Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal maintain a security presence throughout all operations, this includes preventing the transportation of prohibited items which could endanger the lives of those using the ferry and terminal.

What kind of duties do you and your team undertake in a typical day?

Our principal responsibilities include access control, security patrols, searching passengers, luggage and vehicles (freight and general public), and confiscating weapons and other prohibited items.

What is the best thing about working at PDFT?

We pride ourselves on teamwork and great communication! The gatehouse operatives, searchers, freight operatives and terminal staff all work together harmoniously for the smooth and safe running of operations.

What is the most interesting fact that people should know about Pembroke Dock?

Pembroke Dock holds a vast amount of history! It was once the biggest royal ship building yard in Britain and was the largest base for flying boats during the 1940s.

What has been your most memorable day in work at PDFT?

My most memorable day would have to be the day we had a security training drill in the terminal car park.

I had found the makeshift bomb used for training, so I started looking for the secondary device and I came across a small package under tree. I was so proud of myself and picked it up to take to my supervisor who informed me that it was unfortunately a not so delightful package a dog walker had left behind, I was so embarrassed and have never lived it down!

Which activity at the Port most interests you and why?

Working alongside all the third-party agencies throughout the port such the UK Border Agency.

I am also grateful for the varied work tasks I’m able to complete each day at the Port as it helps build my skills and knowledge.

Have you got any special skills/talents or hobbies?

My previous employment was working in laundry factory. There is an art to folding fitted sheets and bedding, so my airing cupboard is immaculate!

Lesley Varley
Lesley Varley

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