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HST Workboats is part of the HST Marine Group and own a range of vessels which can provide a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Safety Boat Cover
  • Workboat Charter
  • Dive Support Vessels
  • Maintenance work on Jetties, Docks, Harbours, Bridges etc
  • Marine Surveys
  • Media and Filming Work
  • Personnel and Equipment Transfer
  • Event Support
  • Offshore & Inshore Stores Deliveries
  • Passenger Launch
  • Towage
  • Salvage
  • Project Work

As well as the ability to charter vessels, they also have a dedicated and experienced vessel management team setup to assist and support your operations.

Contact: Aled Davies
Mobile: +44 7375 255 388
Email: workboats@hst-marine.com
Website: www.hst-workboats.com