Ship Chandlers

Hutton's Ship Chandlers

At Hutton's we are delighted to put the needs and requirements of the customer at the forefront of our business.

Our mission statement:

"It is our aim to deliver only quality supplies on time, at the right price and in optimum condition.  We stand by our belief that quality supply is crucial to the continuation of valued partnerships between supplier and customer."

To meet your needs Hutton's puts a focus on quality, service and value at the heart of our business.

Our range of products include:

  1. Provisions, Janitorial and Bonded Stores
  2. Technical and Consumables
  3. Catering Services
  4. International Storage, Handling and Distribution
  5. Service Provider of International Products

Our facilities are among the best in the UK and our staff are highly trained to meet our customer's international requirements.

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Jamie Picton (Branch Manager) 

Hutton & Co (Ships Chandlers) Ltd

Tel: 00 44 1646 686556



Quay dimensions

Control depths are subject to survey. Please contact us to check latest data.

 location Quay length (m) Max vessel length (m) Control depth (M)
Gate 1: Quay 1  180m 164m

Approach - 4.0m

Gate 1: Quay 2 100m 90m

Approach - 4.1m

Gate 1: Quay 3 65m  40m 1.8m
Gates 2 & 3: Ferry Terminal 190m 185m 7.7m

 *depends on berth box - clarify with the Pembroke Port team

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