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Ocon Fire and Security

Ocon Fire and Security

Ocon Marine, Oil and Gas Ltd have been working within the Milford Haven area since 2013, consisting of currently 5 engineers who are qualified to perform below services.

  1. Maintenance and supply of portable fire extinguishers and trolley units
  2. Maintenance and supply of breathing apparatus (SCBA and EEBD)
  3. Refill of air cylinders
  4. Inspection and supply of fire hoses
  5. Maintenance of fire detection systems
  6. Calibration and supply of portable gas detection equipment
  7. Calibration of fixed gas detection equipment
  8. Inspection and supply of fireman’s outfit and equipment
  9. Maintenance of fire suppression systems (CO2, Water, Foam and Powder)
  10. Air purity analysis for compressors


David Kilgallon

Ocon Fire and Security

Tel: +44 (0) 1646 601100

Email: davidkilgallon@oconfireandsecurity.co.uk

Website: www.oconfireandsecurity.co.uk

Quay dimensions

Control depths are subject to survey. Please contact us to check latest data.

 location Quay length (m) Max vessel length (m) Control depth (M)
Gate 1: Quay 1  180m 164m

Approach - 4.0m

Gate 1: Quay 2 100m 90m

Approach - 4.1m

Gate 1: Quay 3 65m  40m 1.8m
Gates 2 & 3: Ferry Terminal 190m 185m 7.7m

 *depends on berth box - clarify with the Pembroke Port team

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