Whether your device is wave, tide or wind we can help you.

Helping you to get your device operating

Pembrokeshire is rich in natural resources. Geographically it is in an exposed location with winds and waves reaching our shores uninterrupted from the Americas. We have one of the largest tidal ranges in the world and our offshore islands and rugged underwater topography funnel large bodies of water and create extreme tidal races. Furthermore, it is possible to harness this energy. These facts place Pembrokeshire on the global renewable energy resource map.

Renewables at Pembroke Port

Whether your device is wave, tide or wind we can help you. We know that flexibility is paramount and the Port can accommodate every process from inception to deployment (including device fabrication, final assembly, testing and manufacturing).

We are close to resource and we have a flexible onsite layout which can accommodate a wide range of projects. We are also directly experienced in delivering the needs of renewables developers. In a field that is still relatively young, that’s quite an attractive thing.

Marine Energy Pembrokeshire

We are a member of Marine Energy Pembrokeshire, a working group focused on highlighting the location benefits and offering specialist advice to developers. We have been with the group since its inception and play a pivotal role.

We have been an active partner in the creation of the South Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone, a site designated for the testing of wave array devices, working alongside Marine Energy Pembrokeshire and Wave Hub.

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