Pembroke Dock Marine Slipway & Pontoon Construction Information

12TH AUGUST 2022

Update from BAM Nuttall, contractors for the construction of the new slipway, workboat pontoons and laydown area in Gate 4, Pembroke Port

BAM Nuttall is about to start work on the slipway and workboat pontoons at Pembroke Port. This will see the removal of the central section between two slipways to create a new supersize facility. The removed material will be repurposed to sustainably infill the timber pond creating hard standing for industrial use.

Alongside other developments, the new facilities will help to establish Pembroke Dock and the Milford Haven Waterway as a world-class hub for marine energy and engineering. It’s all part of the £60m Swansea Bay City Deal Pembroke Dock Marine project.

How is the work progressing?
The project is on programme and has progressed well throughout the preparation stage. BAM Nuttall has set up a site compound at Gate 4’s quayside and have relocated plants and wildlife to an onsite green belt. They have started some early investigation works to support the timber pond drainage and plan to begin full construction works from Monday 15th August, this work includes:

  • Demolition of slipway 2
  • Demolition of the slipway buildings
  • Installation of the timber pond drainage
  • Commencement of the timber pond fill operations.

What hours will BAM be working?
Core working hours will be 07:30-17:30. BAM may need to extend beyond these hours depending on the work, but will ensure standard operations take place between 07:00 and 19:00. In October they plan to commence the marine operations. To manage tidal changes, working hours will then increase to 24/7, on an 11-shift fortnight working rota. While completing this work, they will do their upmost to undertake noisy operations during core working hours.

Will the work cause disruption?
BAM have worked with the Port of Milford Haven to mitigate the risk of disruption where possible, however some operations will create some residual disruption, including noise, dust and vibration. Due to the increased activity at Pembroke Port, there may be an increase in traffic flow to and from the BAM site.

Will the slipway need to close to complete the work?
Access to one side of the slipway will be maintained during these works. It will be made clear to users in Gate 4 where the BAM works area begins.

How can I contact the site to ask questions?
You can contact the Port of Milford Haven by email.

How can I receive further information during the project?
Further updates will be published on the Pembroke Port website during this project. If you wish to receive a copy of these updates, please email the Port of Milford Haven PR Department.


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