Port capacity & facilities

Pembroke Port has a range of onsite facilities and capabilities. We will work with you to identify the Port facilities that offer you maximum project efficiency and ultimately help to enhance your bottom line profitability.

The nuts and bolts of our business

Pembroke Port is a busy port on the UK's west coast in close proximity to the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel. It's a secure site with around-the-clock accessibility.

With excellent onsite facilities, Pembroke Port is a flexible cargo, layover and fabrication hub. Our team has an enviable reputation for the level of support and help they provide and the wealth of experience they bring to any task. Pembroke Port is home to a diverse range of businesses and projects including ship building, marine renewables and transportation.

Pembroke Port has three key operating hubs:

Gate 1: Specialist and general cargo, layover and supplies hub, fabrication 

Specialising in the transportation of bulk and breakbulk cargo and heavy lift cargoes - from animal feed and aggregates to refinery components and renewables devices. Extensive storage and laydown facilities as well as fabrication space options. Delivers emergency, short term and planned layover and supplies options for shipping and sea-based operations.

Gates 2 & 3: Ro-Pax ferry terminal

Operating a year round, twice daily freight and passenger ferry service from Wales to Ireland with Irish Ferries, with the capacity to expand.

Gate 4: Fabrication, energy and development projects

A multi-opportunity area used for energy projects, ship building and repairs, fabrication and transport operators. 

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Quay dimensions

Control depths are subject to survey. Please contact us to check latest data.

 location Quay length (m) Max vessel length (m) Control depth (M)
Gate 1: Quay 1  180m 164m

Approach - 4.0m

Gate 1: Quay 2 100m 90m

Approach - 4.1m

Gate 1: Quay 3 65m  40m 1.8m
Gates 2 & 3: Ferry Terminal 190m 185m 7.7m

 *depends on berth box - clarify with the Pembroke Port team

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