Why our clients choose Pembroke Port

Our business is focused on ensuring that our delivery is exemplary.

Over the years we have discovered that our clients choose us for four key reasons:

1. Safety

Safety is always at the heart of our business.

2. Cost efficiency

We work with you to find manageable solutions and can highlight grants and schemes designed to attract businesses to the Milford Haven Waterway and to Wales. There has never been a better opportunity to see what we can do to help your business improve its bottom line profitability.

3. Flexibility

We know our site and our capabilities inside out. We can, We will, We do. The Port’s layout offers excellent adaptive potential allowing us to identify solutions that are tailor made to your requirements. You’ll be surprised at just what we can accommodate.

4. Location

Situated on the Welsh coast, the Port offers a secure site with deep water access and operates 365 days a year. It is positioned to take full advantage of an uncongested road network leading to the M4, M5, M6 corridors swiftly and efficiency.

Talk to us about the possible opportunities for your business here at Pembroke Port.

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Quay dimensions

Control depths are subject to survey. Please contact us to check latest data.

 location Quay length (m) Max vessel length (m) Control depth (M)
Gate 1: Quay 1  180m 164m

Approach - 4.6m

Gate 1: Quay 2 100m 90m

Approach - 3.7m

Gate 1: Quay 3 65m  40m

Approach - 2.4m

Gates 2 & 3: Ferry Terminal 190m 185m 6.8m

 *depends on berth box - clarify with the Pembroke Port team