Port of Milford Haven

Pembroke Port is owned and operated by the Port of Milford Haven. It is the operational arm for port services on the Milford Haven Waterway.

The Port of Milford Haven is the UK's largest energy port and the biggest port in Wales

A 24/7 operation, the Port offers a range of marine services as well as owning and operating Pembroke Port, Milford Marina and Milford Fish Docks. Activities including cargo handling, ferry operations, fish landing, marina services and cruise calls are safely and efficiently handled.

The Port of Milford Haven is an independent, commercially run organisation, with a statutory responsibility governed by its Acts, to maintain and improve navigation and the provision of Port and Harbour services and facilities.

As a Trust Port, the Port of Milford Haven does not have shareholders and profit is re-invested with the core focus on supporting the long term viability of the business for future generations. It plays an important role in the economic stability of the region. In 2011, the Port of Milford Haven commissioned an economic report by Cardiff University on the employment and economic impact of the Port and the industries that are linked to it. The key findings were:

  • The Waterway supports over 5,000 jobs in Wales as a whole, 4,000 of which are in Pembrokeshire
  • 30% of jobs in the local economy are in oil refining, gas processing and power generation
  • 10% of jobs are in sea transport services
  • £324m of gross value added (GVA) is injected into the Pembrokeshire economy by activities dependent on the Waterway
  • £88.5m of GVA is put into the Welsh economy

The Port of Milford Haven has the following key businesses and development areas:

Marine Services

Pembroke Port

Commercial property

Commercial fishing

Milford Marina

Milford Waterfront

Visit the Port of Milford Haven website or call +44 (0)1646 696631 for more information.


View the Port of Milford Haven's General Terms and Conditions for Commercial Operations

Environmental Commitment

Protection of the environment is written into the Port of Milford Haven's constitution.

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Pembroke Port is part of the Port of Milford Haven. It is a diverse business covering port operations, fishing, property services, marine leisure and corporate functions.

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