Meet the people of Pembroke Port - Aaron Hosking, Operations Coordinator

04 November 2022

The people of Pembroke Port are integral to delivering a positive impact on the local economy and community. With such a variety of people involved in operations and business activity, from the Port team, to supply chain businesses located in the former Royal Dockyard area, and beyond, we love to shine the spotlight on individuals from across the business community here.

This month, we're featuring Aaron Hosking, the Operations Coordinator at Pembroke Port.

Name: Aaron Hosking
Job role: Operations Coordinator
How long have you worked here?: 6 years

Can you tell us about your role and the team you work with?

With my role as Operations Coordinator, health and safety is paramount within our operations. From leading our operations, I ensure adherence to all health and safety procedures throughout Pembroke Port and Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal making sure all the relevant documents and procedures are up to standard and reviewed on a regular basis.

By coordinating the Supervisory Team, which includes Pembroke Port Supervisor, Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal Security Supervisor and Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal Freight Supervisors, together we ensure safe and efficient operations as well as establishing new ways to enhance and improve our systems.

I also work closely with Operations Manager, Chris Oliver.

What kind of duties do you and your team undertake in a typical day?

The duties vary each day but usually include assisting with any operational or commercial requirements, checking and following up on any maintenance orders that are incomplete and reviewing the Assurance Framework Register to facilitate any close out actions that may be required.

I also check in with the Supervisory Teams to see if they require any assistance and oversee the day-to-day operations at Gate 1 Pembroke Port and Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal.

What is the best thing about working at Pembroke Port?

The best thing about working at Pembroke Port is the variation of your day, no day or week is the same, even if we are discharging the same cargo, it could be a different type of vessel which brings its own challenges and obstacles. It could be anything from a 1,500T crane to a cruise vessel!

What has been your favourite day in work at Pembroke Port?

I would say my favourite day in work was my first day in my new role of Operations Coordinator. I should have been nervous, but it felt like I had been in the role for years! I enjoy working with everyone, not only at Pembroke Port and Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal but across the whole of the Port of Milford Haven.

Which activity at the Port most interests you and why?

Anything that involves heavy cranes, vessels and heavy transportation - the bigger the better! It’s something I’ve always been fascinated with from a young age, and it was actually one of the main reasons that I started my career in the crane industry and what ultimately attracted me to working for the Port.

Have you got any special skills/talents or hobbies?

Yes, I enjoy travelling and the gym.

I compete professionally as a powerlifter and have competed at British, European and world level, travelling all over the world for competitions during the last 12 years.

Aaron Hosking, Operations Coordinator at Pembroke Port
Aaron Hosking, Operations Coordinator at Pembroke Port