Meet the People of Pembroke Port – Sharon Adams, Commercial Manager

30 September 2021

The people of Pembroke Port are integral to delivering a positive impact on the local economy and community. With such a variety of people involved in operations and business activity, from the Port team, to supply chain businesses located in the former Royal Dockyard area, and beyond, we love to shine the spotlight on individuals from across the business community here.

This month, we are featuring Sharon Adams, the Port of Milford Haven’s newest recruit, who has just started as Commercial Manager. Sharon’s role focusses on developing opportunities within the Port Services offered here at Pembroke Port.

Name: Sharon Adams
Job role: Commercial Manager
How long have you worked here? It’s my first month!

Can you tell us about your role and the team you work with?

My role will be to raise awareness and develop the commercial opportunities here at Pembroke Port and therefore bring more opportunities for the services offered by the Port, and the skilled supply chain in the area.

I am part of the Port of Milford Haven’s Commercial Team but also work very closely with the experts on site at Pembroke Port who can ensure that I’m supported with all of the technical knowledge that support our customers’ needs in order to offer an efficient and safe service.

What is the best thing about working at Pembroke Port?

So far, it’s been the really warm welcome and company culture which I’ve been so impressed with within my first month.

Everyone has been willing to help me and answer all of my questions, and everyone has been very supportive in helping me get up to speed as soon as possible. I feel like I’ve been here for longer than a month, as I feel so comfortable around the team, which only makes me more determined to make a difference.

What is the most interesting fact that people should know about Pembroke Dock/the Milford Haven Waterway?

We have a very deep and strong quay for repairs and dry cargo, which is versatile for a number uses.

What has been your favourite and/or most memorable day in work at Pembroke Port?

So far, watching the team bring in a large animal feed cargo, lift it off the ship and them move it to the warehouse, all while having to stop and start to dodge the rain.

I was really impressed with how informative the ship’s agent was with updates, the crane driver at moving the goods into three waiting tractor trailers that our team moved quickly to the hangar ensuring the goods stay dry and the load is moved as efficiently as possible to ensure no delays in the ship being able to depart on time and on budget.

Which activity at the Port most interests you and why?

How the ships manoeuvre around the port and when they are coming into berth – such skill to move these huge vessels around, working with mother nature. I’d love to go on a pilot boat one day and see it first-hand.

Sharon Adams, Commercial Manager
Sharon Adams, Commercial Manager