Meet the people of Pembroke Port - Whitestone Media Group Ltd

31 August 2021

The people who ensure the smooth delivery of the business activity at Pembroke Port and on the Milford Haven Waterway are key to the success of the operations here. From our own team members, to businesses based in and around the former Royal Dockyard, the wider supply chain and other key stakeholders, our regular feature will celebrate the hard working people of Pembroke Port who deliver such a positive impact on the local economy and community.

This month, we are featuring Paul White, Sales Manager at Whitestone Media Group Ltd. Paul tells us about Whitestone Media Group's offering, why they enjoy being based at Pembroke Port, the company’s greatest achievements and plans for the future, and lots more.

Name: Paul White
Business name: Whitestone Media Group Ltd
Job role: Sales Manager
How long have you worked here? Since October 2020

Please tell us about your company, your products and services, and your team

Whitestone Media Group Ltd was established in 2020. I am the Sales Manager, Dayne and Liby Stone are the directors and we have 8 other members of staff.

When we first started we were solely producing websites for local businesses and we’re glad to say that we have grown to a point where we now have more than 400 clients across England, Wales and as far away as the USA.

As our client base expanded, so did our long list of services we now provide. Our team specialises in promotional drone videography and photography, social media management, photography, leaflets, business cards and other print media, as well as technical advice and support.

Recently, we’ve taken on three apprentices who are doing a great job of learning the ropes and are keen to learn how we do things here at Whitestone!

What is the best thing about being a business based at Pembroke Port?

It's great to be based somewhere with so much history! The building is incredible, and many of our clients comment on the architecture. It’s a lovely place to come for a meeting and it gives people a chance to see a part of Pembroke Dock that they might not usually visit. It's also a location that’s easy to find, with excellent accessibility.

What has been Whitestone Media Group's biggest achievement?

We are so proud of the speed at which we have grown, and the fact we all really enjoy our jobs. We really love being able to help so many small businesses locally and throughout the UK, as well as many larger companies whose marketing campaigns we are responsible for.

Our clients very often comment on how they have seen real growth in their businesses since they started working with us, which is fantastic to hear and gives us real job satisfaction. We love reading all of the 5-star reviews we’ve received!

It’s nice to know we’re making a difference. We recently joined forces with the Football Association of Wales (FAW) which is a project we are really excited about, we’ll be travelling all around Wales filming 30 clubs!

What’s next for your business?

Our plan is to continue growing, keep enjoying it, and constantly move forward by offering new services at the best prices. We always look after our existing customers, while aiming to help as many new businesses as we can. Our apprentices are also really looking forward to progressing with us and becoming a big part of the company.

What has been your favourite and/or most memorable day in work, and why?

One of my most memorable days was when we moved into our new office here at Pembroke Port, as it was a real landmark and a good time to reflect on how far we have come. I’d also never built any flatpack before, so that was quite the experience!

Is there anything else that you would like readers to know about your company?

We are a good bunch of hardworking local people who are proud to be able to help so many businesses and always want the best for our customers!

Paul White, Sales Manager at Whitestone Media Group Ltd
Paul White, Sales Manager at Whitestone Media Group Ltd