UHL Fighter arrives at Pembroke Port for Greenlink Interconnector

29 September 2023

In an exciting development on Saturday 23rd September, Pembroke Port played host to the arrival of the UHL Fighter, a heavy load carrier transporting crucial cargo for the Greenlink Interconnector project.

This marked a significant milestone in the effort to bring sustainable energy solutions to the forefront.
Over the weekend, the dedicated Pembroke Port team joined forces with a network of high-skill energy, engineering, and maritime suppliers.

Through collaboration with Allelys, Harlyn, Williams Shipping, Sumitomo Electric and Kestrel Liner Agencies, we ensured the safe and efficient transport of a 100GT cable to its designated storage space at Pembroke Port, where it will remain for the next 40 years.

The Greenlink Interconnector is a ground-breaking subsea and underground electricity connector that bridges the gap between EirGrid's Great Island substation in County Wexford and National Grid's Pembroke substation in Pembrokeshire. Pembroke Port's strategic location adjacent to the Pembroke delivery site positions it as the ideal hub for contractors seeking an efficient operational and supplies base.

Pembroke Port is on hand to support and facilitate the success of large projects such as this, with multiple internal and external laydown areas, secure storage for vital supplies, a finely tuned quayside coordination service, and flexible contract terms tailored to the project requirements.

Sharon Adams, Commercial Manager, said "We were pleased to be able to facilitate this operation; an important milestone for the Greenlink Interconnector project. The project planning in collaboration with all partners was excellent, and our Quayside Operations team ensured that everything went smoothly and safely."

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