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Cory Brothers offers a comprehensive range of services for shipowners, charterers and traders around the world.  

Cory embraces the latest systems and technology, which provide us with the essential hardware we need to operate in a global shipping market.  

Our cutting-edge technology is complemented by expertise developed over more than 175 years’ operation, and delivered by experienced people with genuine local knowledge. 



Jason Laugharne - Manager 

Cory Brothers 


Tel: +44 (0) 1646 692 472 




Quay dimensions

Control depths are subject to survey. Please contact us to check latest data.

 location Quay length (m) Max vessel length (m) Control depth (M)
Gate 1: Quay 1  180m 164m 7.2m/5.5m*
Gate 1: Quay 2 100m 90m 5.0m
Gate 1: Quay 3 65m  40m 2.1m
Gates 2 & 3: Ferry Terminal 190m 185m 7.5m

 *depends on berth box - clarify with the Pembroke Port team

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